Military Police Command

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Area Military Police Command

Area Military Police Command ■ Introduction to Tasks

 It is responsible for commanding military polices and MP battalions from all counties and cities, executing special guards, all tasks of military police and military operations (assisting in ground combats, guard important warehouse and facility) as well as assisting in maintaining public security in regular hours, which serve as effective backup forces for the military. Area Military Police Command provides supports for emergent disaster relief missions in jurisdictions according to the orders.

■ Addresses for Area Military Police Command

·Military Police Command 202  Address: No. 65, Sec.1, Chunghua Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City

·Military Police Command 203  Address: No. 121, Nanjing Rd. East Dist., Taichung City

·Military Police Command 204  Address: No.500, Chungyi Rd., Wusung Dist., Kaohsiung City

·Military Police Command 205  Address: No. 1, No.301 Fuhsing St., Kueishan Dist., Taoyuan City