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MP Railway Stations Service

The ROCMP offers assistance to all civilians in each major train station of the country. We provide aid to anyone who is in need of general guidance, telephones for temporary use, an emergency loan, or immediate protection. The MP service stations also have a number of brochures, ranging from the train station layout maps, train schedules, to recruitment information for the ROCMP. There is also a lost of found at the service station. The ROCMP are here for the service of the people, so don’t hesitate to ask for our assistance.

MP Service

Service Categories
1. Problem-solving
2. Emergency Phone Service
3. Emergency Assistance
4. Lost & Found
5. Refreshments Services

Target: Officers, sergeants, privates on active duty and students in military school
Loan Range: Up to NT $2,000 each time, and no less than NT $500
ID Requirement: Military ID Card
Limit: 1 time for a day only  (reapplying is available when loan has been returned)
Repayment Deadline: 14 days since loaning

Service Hours
◎Everyday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
◎Aside from duty hours, service is also available via personal contact with local MP group before 12 p.m.

Application Limitation
◎NOT available for applicants without a military ID card. For special occasions and applicants with a unit identity card, service is still available after identity check via phone calls.
◎NOT available for sergeants and soldiers in their last month of compulsory service. NOT available for professional sergeants and soldiers who is going to be demobilized or transferred.



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