Military Police Command

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Military Police Command

■ Organization and Management

 Military Police Command is under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Defense that takes charge of national security information, military polices, third-party police security, guarding the capital and supporting military combats. In addition, Military Police Command is also responsible for military (judicial) police services according to regulations of “Military Justice Act”, “Military Police Service Order”; moreover, it also deals with judicial police services according to “Criminal Procedure Law” and “The Judicial Police Dispatching Act”.

 Subject to “Department of Defense Organization Act”, Military Police Command allocates General Staff Headquarters and administers three staffing groups, namely, military, political warfare and supervision groups, military training agency as well as task execution force. The matters of each competent unit are shown below:

1. Military Personnel Units

(1) Personnel and Military Affairs: take charge of personnel management, human resource planning, personnel services, military affairs and recruitment and other relevant businesses.

(2) Military Intelligence Division: take charge of intelligence, military reconnaissance, forensic science as well as other relevant businesses.

(3) Police Department: take charge of military police operations, preparations, police services, educational training, disaster relief and prevention, battle scenario and relevant businesses.

(4) Logistics and Communications Division: take charge of equipment servicing, supplemental operation, medical services, maintenance engineering, procuring, communication, information for military polices, living facilities for officers and soldiers as well as other relevant businesses.

(5) Planning Office: take charge of military strategies for military polices, governance planning and organizing and assembling as well as other relevant businesses.

(6) Accounting Office: take charge of the planning, budget, accounting, internal auditing, statistical analysis of Military Police Budget Accounting System and other relevant businesses.

2. Political Operation Department:

Take charge of political operation of military polices, political operation and personnel affairs, welfare, political education, political training, psychological tactics, statements, recreation, news, soldiers’ dependents services and safeguard.

3. Inspector’s Office

Take charge of inspection, supervision and legal affairs of military polices and other relevant businesses.