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Commanders Visits Northern Region for Field Inspection and Urges the Implementation of Combat-oriented Training

Reported by Yang Chiao-Lin/ Summary report

For the purpose of ensuring the smooth execution of major annual training missions and verifying the results of the computerized military simulation, Lieutenant General Cheng Chen-Hsiang, Commander of the Military Police Command, led all staff, operational control and reinforcement units and other important cadres to the Northern Region yesterday to carry out a field inspection, focusing on the terrain and landforms, operational concepts, and troop configurations to examine the effectiveness of the “intelligence chain,”“command chain,”“kill chain,”“communication chain,” and “logistic support force” as a reference basis for the revision of the joint operation plan to meet the needs of defense operations.

According to Commander Cheng, each unit should have the chief officer personally lead the cadres to the area of responsibility to investigate the battlefield environment and traffic routes according to the threat of enemy situation, and appropriately revise the battle plan according to the actual situation, complete the preparations for various drills, and implement the actual combat training to ensure the effective execution of the defense operations.

Lastly, Commander Cheng urged all the task forces in each garrison to combine the overall strength of the citizens, deepen the mechanism of regional joint defense, implement battlefield management, and verify the feasibility and reliability of the battle plan through annual drills, thereby reinforcing the operational resilience of the garrisons.

The article is reproduced from Youth Daily News, Ministry of Defense.

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Update: 2024-06-17