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Commander Expresses His Appreciation to the Officers and Soldiers for Their Hard Work in Preparation and Duty

Reported by Yang Chiao-Lin/ Summary report

Lieutenant General Cheng Chen-Hsiang, Commander of the Military Police Command, presented gratuities yesterday to the units and organizations that had performed meritorious service during the Inaugural Celebrations for the 16th President and Vice President of the Republic of China (Taiwan). In addition to appreciating the hard work of the officers and soldiers, he also reminded the cadres that any minor details are crucial to the success or failure of a mission, and that all colleagues must do their utmost in a prudent and serious manner to ensure that the mission is a complete success.

Ensuring the Security and Safety of the Central Authorities

Commander Cheng said that the Military Police is responsible for maintaining security during the Inauguration Ceremony, and that the personnel of all service units should demonstrate the concrete results of their regular training, devote their full attention to the relevant tasks or missions, and be determined to safeguard the smooth operation of the Ceremony, thereby demonstrating the core value of the Military Police of “Safeguarding the Security of the Central Authorities” and becoming a solid force to uphold the stability of the country.

The article is reproduced from Youth Daily News, Ministry of Defense.

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Update: 2024-06-04