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Mother’s Day Celebration: Commander Appreciates the Efforts of Colleagues with Maternal Duties

Reported by Chen Yan-Ling / Summary report

On the warmth of May, before the Mother's Day, the Military Police Command organized the “Mother's Day Celebration Tea Party” yesterday to show gratitude to the mothers who devoted themselves to their families and the country. The tea party was hosted by Lieutenant General Cheng Chen-Hsiang, Commander of Military Command, and kicked off with a video entitled “Mother's Day Special”, in which the sincere blessings of the children brought joy and warmth to the mothers present, and the scene was filled with a tender and touching atmosphere at that moment.

Commander Cheng said that the love of mothers is selfless devotion that knows no boundaries, especially for mothers in the military who are often separated from their children, and their sacrifices are indescribable, thus he organized the Mother's Day Tea Party to congratulate mothers in advance for a happy Mother's Day. In addition, he encouraged the officers and soldiers to practice filial piety in a timely manner, and to keep their mothers' kindness in their hearts to run a warm family, thereby achieving a stable performance in their professional duties.

The article is reproduced from Youth Daily News, Ministry of Defense.


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Update: 2024-05-20