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Commander Honors Exemplary Mother for Compassionate Dedication

Reported by Chen Yan-Ling / Summary report

In order to recognize the love and dedication of mothers, Lieutenant General Chen-Hsiang, Commander of Military Police Command went to the residence of Lu Li-Yun yesterday, who was elected as the 2024 “Exemplary Mother” of the Command, to congratulate her, and presented her with a token of appreciation for her outstanding maternal virtues.

Exhorting Colleagues to Practice Filial Piety

Commander Cheng said that Lu raised her children to be well-educated and became useful members of the society, and even encouraged her second son, Colonel Li, who is currently the captain of the Taipei Military Police, to serve the country by joining the military, and was recognized by all levels of officials for his outstanding performance; Commander Cheng not only thanked Lu for her support of the National Armed Forces, but also congratulated her for being honored as an “Exemplary Mother” of the Military Police, which is a well-deserved honor. 

Lastly, Commander Cheng also exhorted every member of the Military Police to practice filial piety and continue to work hard at their posts to create more glory for themselves and their families in return for their mothers’ selfless love and wished all mothers a happy Mother’s Day.

The article is reproduced from Youth Daily News, Ministry of Defense.

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Update: 2024-05-13