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Commander Presides Over Combat Training and Preparation Meeting, Demanding Enrichment of Combat Capabilities

Reported by Chen Yi-Hsuan/ Summary report

Lieutenant General Chen-Hsiang, Commander of Military Police Command, presided over the combat training and preparation meeting yesterday and convened senior officers, division (group) chiefs, and major cadres of each unit to attend the meeting. He encouraged his subordinates to uphold the attitudes of “bravely facing challenges” and “testing one’s own capabilities,” and to work hard on their combat training and to carry out the tasks entrusted to them by their superiors.

Commander Cheng pointed out that, with the recent spate of cases of fraud and breach of confidentiality, the only way for chief officers at all levels to fulfill their duty is to “send information from the top to the bottom” and to utilize the opportunity of assemblies to combine case studies with publicity and education, thus educating officers and soldiers on governmental instructions and relevant legal and disciplinary requirements, and establishing a correct concept, thereby eliminating cases of unlawfulness right from the root and maintaining the purity of the unit. In addition, in response to the military service transition policy, soldiers performing one-year obligatory military service will soon be transferred to the Military Police for their duties. As each soldier comes from a different family, cadres should understand their physical and mental conditions through frequent interviews and counseling.

Commander Cheng emphasized that cadres at all levels should focus on their training duties, follow plans and regulations, and carry out training on the ground. They should also uphold the concept of “training with the enemy intelligence,” combining the threat of the enemy and the current situation to hone their command procedures and tactical applications, thereby developing the troops’ capabilities in actual combat, and enriching their defense and operational strengths.

The article is reproduced from Youth Daily News, Ministry of Defense.

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Update: 2024-05-13