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Commander Presides over the Han Kuang Exercise Military Simulation Briefing Meeting and Demands Strict Adherence to Discipline

Reported by Chen Yi-Hsuan/ Summary report

In order to strengthen the discipline of exercises and security maintenance, Lieutenant General Cheng Chen-Hsiang, Commander of Military Command, presided over the “Han Kuang Exercise Military Simulation Mission Briefing Meeting” yesterday, which was attended by senior officers, division (group) chiefs, commanders of regional commands, as well as battalion and unit commanders of their subordinates. Commander Cheng emphasized at the meeting that all units should abide by the discipline of exercises to prevent any breach of confidentiality and to ensure the success of the mission.

Maintaining a High Level of Alertness, Treating Exercise as a Battle

Commander Cheng said that the awareness of enemy situation is the first and foremost concept in combat readiness training, and that officers at all levels should uphold the concept of “training with understanding of enemy situation”, integrating the threat of enemies with the current situation, practicing command procedures and tactics, accumulating practical combat capabilities, and cultivating strengths for defense operations.

Finally, Commander Cheng emphasized that “exercises shall be treated as battles” and requested all units to maintain a high degree of vigilance, consistently implementing confidentiality and information security to prevent leakage of classified information. In addition, cadres at all levels should carry out the “one level to one level” mechanism, and practically supervise the internal management and risk control actions of their subordinates to ensure the discipline and safety of the exercises.

The article is reproduced from Youth Daily News, Ministry of Defense.

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Update: 2024-04-30