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Commander Visits and Mentors Troops in the North and Offers Words of Encouragement for Their Hard Work

Reported by ChenYi-Hsuan/ Summary report

Lieutenant General Chen-Hsiang, Commander of Military Police Command, recently made a visit to the Taipei area to express his appreciation for the hard work of the officers and soldiers. During the visit, he conducted inspections on the appropriateness of manpower allocation, scheduling of leaves, and deployment of sentries for general duties, and affirmed the dedication and diligence of the officers and soldiers who have been steadfastly holding on to their posts.

Responding to Emergency Situations and Strengthening Contingency Services

Commander Cheng said that the central guard duty is not only an important responsibility of the military police, but also an honor. In particular, given the democratic and pluralistic nature of our society, in the event of handling unexpected emergencies, the unit should not only strengthen its contingency capabilities, but also explain clearly to officers and soldiers their duty patterns and attributes to obtain a consensus. In addition, the unit should also compile monthly guard duty and duty statistics, and analyze the duty frequency of the personnel, thereby safeguarding the rights of officers and soldiers.

Finally, Commander Cheng emphasized that the unit should make proper overall planning for new recruits. Apart from assigning experienced cadres to act as counsellors, the unit should be responsible for leading new recruits to familiarize themselves with the living environment, complete the checking and guard duty training in accordance with the regulations, and dispatch them in a progressive manner so that they can understand the procedures of responding to various emergencies, and effectively enhance the unit's capability of security duties.

The article is reproduced from Youth Daily News, Ministry of Defense.    

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Update: 2024-04-16