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Commander Hosted Inauguration Ceremony, Encouraging the Exertion of Combat Strength

Reported by Hong, Zi-Yang / Summary Report

Military Police Command Commander Lieutenant General Chou Kuang-Chi hosted the Military Police 205 Command Commander Inauguration Ceremony yesterday, where Commander Chou expects all soldiers to follow the leadership of the newly appointed Colonel. The commander stated that all soldiers shall work hard to complete every task, demanding that officers at all levels should treat “unity” as top priority, to proactively show concern for the subordinates so that the distant and unfriendly ambiance of the unit can be eliminated, thereby creating a unified and superior troop while allowing the troop to effectively exert its combat strength in full. 

Commander Chou reminded everyone that because the jurisdiction of the unit is quite massive, with large amounts of friendly forces in the area, an officer should implement horizontal communication and proactively assist subordinates in the promotion of all tasks. Commander Chou also reminded all the officers to properly utilize the established organization, to entrust the subordinate with responsibilities so that the push of the unit’s missions can take place smoothly. Finally, he urged all subordinates to uphold a service attitude, to assist friendly forces when they perform various tasks such as: maintain military discipline, case investigation, safe transport of military goods, etc., thereby carrying forward the spirit of “example to all military men”.

Before the ceremony came to a close, Commander Chou indicated that because the weather is very unpredictable as of late, all colleagues must accurately perform self-health management as well as develop good living habits. Commander Chou stressed that the attainment of high accolades or a wonderful future plan will all go down the drain if you don’t have good health. Also, Commander Chou requested the officers to go more in-depth in regards to internal management, to go a bit deeper in interviews and assessments so that an officer can have a solid understanding of the activities that a personnel is doing as well as his/her mental state, both on and off military grounds. An officer should also demand the subordinates to avoid causing any incident that will be a threat to military security. Specifically, a soldier should stay away from driving under influence, to never use drugs or conduct self-harm, or perform any acts of discrimination against the opposite sex, thereby maintaining the honor of the military police.  

(The article is reproduced from Youth Daily News, Ministry of Defense)

1.指揮官主持任職布達典禮 勉發揮部隊戰力

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Update: 2022-11-30