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Commander supervised a specialized training for the Duty Unit, wishing them to prepared for war at any time.

By Ku Ke Chieh, Reporter / Press Release

Yesterday, the commanding officer of the Military Police Command, Lt. Gen. Chou Kuang Chi, supervised a specialized training for the duty unit, expecting that the officers and soldiers will be able to train their physical strength, strengthening their immune system, and that they will be able to sustain their combat training to ensure the combat capability of the troops. During the training, the company commander, Captain Huang, announced the training status, and the officers and soldiers of the unit completed the opening of the field train and the command post within the time limit, and also carried out on-site reconnaissance patrol, supply loading, tactical camouflage establishment, and transportation and repair operations to evaluate the effectiveness of the unit's training.

Commander Chou called attention to the cadre in order to understand the time and space factors of combat, give reasonable and feasible orders to complete various supply duties, and effectively support the combat troops with combat power. He also emphasized that logistics is the key to overall combat effectiveness, and encouraged officers and soldiers to hold on to the goal "The battlefield is everywhere; be prepared for training all the time." To ensure the combat power, we should improve one’s specialty and power to support the front line in wartime.

 (The article is originally from Youth Daily News.)

4.指揮官視導勤務連駐地專精演練 期持恆戰訓

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Update: 2022-05-10