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Commander Showed Concern for Subordinates, Thanking the Hard Work Soldiers Demonstrated On Duty

Reported by: HSIAO, Chia-Yi / Summary Report

Military Police Command Commander Lieutenant-General Huang, Chin-Tsai went over to all units of Command 202 one by one to check up on combat teams and show concern for the personnel working at important areas, reminding all officers that patrol for the surrounding areas must be strengthened during the holidays, thereby preventing any blind spots that will cause a risk a risk to safety.

Commander Huang emphasized that all officers should act the role of a bellwether, fully implement “manage by walking around,” discover the warning signs that poses a risk to safety, while at the same time strength military discipline and education of military morals, thereby jointly ensure the goal of “personal safety, property safety, and zero risk to safety.”

The holidays are a time for families to get together, so Commander Huang is especially grateful for the soldiers that are staying active during this time, while reminding active personnel to watch out for their actions when positioned at their posts. After getting off their post, under the principle of disease prevention and safety proposed by the unit, soldiers shall schedule appropriate leisure activities and fitness training, allowing for the proper release of their pressure while enhancing cohesiveness of the unit as a whole.

Commander Huang encouraged all soldiers to always advance their own personal skillsets, to give it their all in all of their combat training missions so as to attain honor for the military police. Lastly, Commander Huang wishes everyone happy holidays.    

(This article is adopted from Youth Daily of the Ministry of National Defense)

4.指揮官關懷所屬 感謝執勤付出

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Update: 2021-03-02