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Commander Inspected Matsu Military Police, Demanding Strict Adherence to Military Discipline to Protect Military Honor

Reported By: HUNG, Tze-Yang / Summary Report

Military Police Command Commander Lieutenant Huang, Chin-Tsai, accompanied by Director of Political Warfare Major General Yu, Command 205 Commander Colonel Wen as well as other officers, went over to the Matzu Military Police to implement disease prevention measure preparation inspection as well as conducted New Year Visitations, showing concern over the living and training conditions of the soldiers, demanding all subordinates to strictly abide by all military discipline requirements, thereby maintaining the honor of the unit.

Commander Huang indicated that all supervisors (managers) of the unit shall be a role model and set an example, leading the soldiers to execute battle preparation missions while also ensuring their rights and that daily living are taken care of.

Since the pandemic is very severe, Commander Huang reminded all soldiers to stay on high alert at all times and to adhere to the requirements as stated in the Ministry of National Defense’s disease prevention policy. Specifically, one shall accurately implement the “One No, Five Wants” policy. Especially when returning to the island of Taiwan during the break, one shall protect oneself at all times as well as maintain a comprehensive record of the actions taken during this period so as to completely eradicate any disease from entering the barracks.

Lastly, Commander Huang also emphasized that there is no break for upholding military discipline and safety. As an officer, one shall educate the soldiers to always put military discipline at the bottom of one’s heart, thereby jointly safeguarding the honor of the military police. Additionally, Commander Huang demanded officers at all levels to fully implement the notion of “knowing others,” to have a full grasp of the mental status and family conditions of all personnel, thereby lowering the risk of incidents that are concerned with violation of military discipline, which in turn achieves the goal of “personal safety, property safety, and zero risk to safety.”   

(This article is adopted from Youth Daily of the Ministry of National Defense)

1.指揮官視導馬祖憲兵隊 要求恪遵軍紀護榮譽

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Update: 2021-03-02