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Commander Inspected Shilin Military Police, Demanding Enhancement of Disease Prevention Awareness

Reported By: HUNG, Tzu-Yang / Summary Report

Military Police Command Commander Lieutenant-General Huang, Chin-Tsai, went over to the Shilin Military Police to inspect disease prevention preparations as well as to conduct military discipline advocacy. After listening to the briefings by the unit, Commander Huang reminded all colleagues to be cautious of scams and to perform financial management, to abide by all military discipline requirements, as well as wishing everyone a very happy Lunar New Year.

Commander Huang indicated that, in response to the National Army Military Discipline Reform Project, all officers shall properly educate his/her subordinates while leading them by example, in addition to continuously advocate military discipline and gender equality. Commander Huang encouraged all units to adequately devise a training plan and to implement trainings according to schedule. Since officers are “living together and working together” with the soldiers, officers should inspire soldiers to pursue higher education during one’s off time, thereby formulating a decent team ambience.

Lastly, Commander Huang demanded all colleagues to enhance their disease prevention awareness. Other than maintaining the principle of “One No Five Yes,” one shall be aware of his/her health, thereby securing the combat strength of the team. Also, Commander Huang stressed that since the military police are law enforcers, as a soldier one should always adhere to the requirements of military discipline and security, which in turn allows the honor of the military police to be maintained.

(This article is adopted from Youth Daily of the Ministry of National Defense)

1.指揮官視導士林憲兵隊 要求提高防疫意識

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Update: 2021-02-17