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The MP Symbol: Shei-Gi

 According to the book of ancient times, in the wastes of the north-east there walks a creature by the name of Shei gi. It is a sacred beast with the ability to discriminate between right and wrong. The horned creature embodies the nature of justice and loyalty; it attacks those that are not righteous and those that have done wrong. In fact, because of the creature's untarnished reputation throughout myths of old times, hats worn by ancient prosecutors of justice, as seen in records of the late han dynasty, are called, "the Cap of Shei Gi". As military police, we have to discriminate between good and bad, right and wrong, then put the corrupted in justice accordingly. Since 1946, all Military Police personnel bear the drawing of the Shei Gi on its service insignia. Whenever we bear the Shei Gi badge on our arms, we need to uphold loyalty, honesty, responsibility, and justice just like the scared creature.


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Update: 2024-03-22