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Commander Visited Penghu to Inspect Disease Prevention Measure Preparations, Encouraging All Soldiers to Collectively Maintain Military Discipline

Reported By: HUNG, Tze-Yang / Summary Report

Military Police Command Commander Lieutenant-General Huang, Chin-Tsai went over to the Penghu Military Police yesterday to inspect their disease prevention preparations as well as to perform New Year Visitations, encouraging all soldiers to collectively uphold military discipline so as to safeguard military police honor.

Commander Huang cautioned all soldiers to never violate the law, to always be aware of the actions taken and the words spoken, to always be proud of being a military police officer. For the team, they must always keep in mind the notion of “designated duty for personnel, designated position of objects, and designated rules for matters.” As a soldier, one shall fulfill one’s duties to the best of his/her ability, to exert love for colleagues and never be indifferent, thereby enhancing the cohesiveness of the unit as a whole.

Commander Huang stressed as a team, priority should be placed on training, so he expects all units to accurately implement training, to follow through everything as scheduled in order to ensure the combat strength of the team. Commander Huang reminded subordinates to have a proper grasp of the mental state of colleagues, as well as cautioning all soldiers to abide by gender separation, thereby maintaining military discipline and security of the unit.


(This article is adopted from Youth Daily of the Ministry of National Defense)

2.指揮官赴澎湖視導防疫整備 勉勵官兵共維軍紀

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Update: 2021-03-02