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Commander Hosts Closing Ceremony of the Reserve Officers’ Training Program and Offers Encouragement to Officers

Reported by Chen Yan-Ling / Summary report

Lieutenant General Cheng Chen-Hsiang, Commander of Military Command, presided over the “Closing Ceremony of the 56th Reserve Non-Commissioned Officers Training Program” yesterday, recognizing that all the new officers have passed the training and tests to become qualified non-commissioned officer cadres, and encouraging all of them to keep the spirit of hard work and make contribution in their respective positions in the future.

Commander Cheng said that non-commissioned officers should have the courage to take responsibility, pay attention to internal management, properly assign tasks and control the mood of the personnel, and give full play to the concept of “follow me” to foster the cohesion of the unit in order to fulfill and execute the tasks assigned by their superiors.

Commander Cheng also encouraged the new officers to support each other and overcome difficulties after serving in the unit. In carrying out combat readiness training, they should adopt the mentality that “every place is a battlefield, and every moment is the time for training”, seizing opportunities to strengthen their own professional skills, and fulfilling the responsibility of educating while also caring for their subordinates to establish robust combat capabilitiesof the unit.

The article is reproduced from Youth Daily News, Ministry of Defense.

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Update: 2024-05-20