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Commander Recognizes Exemplary Mothers for Promoting Motherhood

Reported by Chang Yung-Hsiang/ Summary report

Lieutenant General Cheng Chen-Hsiang, Commander of Military Police Command, went to the residence of Ms. Huang Hsiu-Chu, who was elected as the 2024 “Exemplary Mother” of the Command, yesterday to present a token of appreciation, awards and a cash prize to her in recognition of the fact that although Huang came from a humble background, she has been able to actively help the disadvantaged and raise her children by her own example, as well as encouraging her son to pursue a career in the army to serve the country, setting an exemplary model of motherhood.

According to Commander Cheng, after the death of her husband, Huang took over the duties as a father and raised her four children on her own, who have lived up to their mother's expectations by contributing to the country and the society. He hoped that Corporal Huang Jian-Ying would continue to strive for further development, education and promotion in the army, as a reward for his mother's hard work in raising her children, and wished the Huang family a happy Mother's Day in advance.

The article is reproduced from Youth Daily News, Ministry of Defense.

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Update: 2024-05-20