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Commander Hosted the Promotion Acceptance Ceremony, Encouraging the Continuation of Self-Betterment

Reported By Hung, Tzu-Yang/Summary Report

Military Police Command Commander Lieutenant General Chou Kuang-Chi hosted the “Promotion Acceptance Ceremony for the Month of December” yesterday, pointing out that “Nation, Responsibility, and Honor” are the core values of soldiers, encourages the promoted officers to remain loyal to the nation, perform filial piety to his/her parents, and be responsible for his/her family. Commander expressed the sincerest form of gratitude to the family members present at the ceremony, thanking everyone for their efforts in keeping the family together so as to allow the soldiers to devote themselves to the military training without having to worry about his/her family, thereby enabling themselves to become a strong backbone in protecting the safety of our country. 

Commander Chou reminded every soldier that being healthy is all that matters, that even while a soldier is busy with missions and tasks, it is essential for one to conduct personal health management during off times. Specifically, one must have a balanced diet, exercise on a regular basis, perform health checkups regularly, proactively return to the hospital for a checkup, stay away from tobacco and alcohol, keep a lean and fit physique, and maintain a healthy body and mind. Lastly, Commander Chou encouraged all subordinates to have a solid career plan and to implement lifelong learning, thereby creating one’s own self-worth and competiveness in order to offer their strength to the nation and the society.

(The article is reproduced from Youth Daily News, Ministry of Defense)

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Update: 2022-12-05