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Commander Hosted the 2023 Combat Training Plan Proposal Meeting, Strengthening Training Efficacy

Reported by Hong, Zi-Yang / Summary Report

Military Police Command Commander Lieutenant General Chou Kuang-Chi hosted the 2023 Combat Training Plan Proposal Meeting yesterday, where Commander Chou indicated that national security must be protected with our own hands, and therefore the annual training plan should be closely tied with the overall concept of Taiwanese Strait Defense Operations. Namely, the garrison area should utilize the principles of “unity of regular and reserved troops, integration of peacetime and wartime regulations/facilities” as well as “on-site mobilization, on-site training, on-site combat” as its core in order to strengthen the combat capabilities of regular and reserved soldiers, thereby effectively exert training efficacy.

Commander Chou reminded all that because military police is responsible for safeguarding cities/towns and that their primary battlefield will be on urban zones, units at all levels shall design appropriate covers with town/city scenario as the foundation to provide cadres adequate spaces so that they can apply shooting training in different positions, thereby stabilizing and enhancing their personal shooting ability, which in turn shall elevate the overall strength of the combat force.  

Lastly, Commander Chou emphasized that training plan should incorporate future battle trends. In the face of the rising amount of non-traditional threats to safety, all soldiers shall adhere to the notion of “when enemy attacks are inevitable, I must defend” to determine which political and economic centers or key infrastructure that the enemies are trying to seize, and then have all the forces focus on protecting the core while collaborating with firepower support to annihilate the enemy, thereby fully demonstrating the combat efficacy of the garrison area.

(The article is reproduced from Youth Daily News, Ministry of Defense)

2.指揮官主持112年部隊訓練計畫提報會議 強化訓練效能

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Update: 2022-11-30