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Commander Hosted the Honorary Retirement Party for an Important Officer, Recognizing His Outstanding Performance

Reported by Liu Xin-Yi / Summary Report

Military Police Command Commander Lieutenant General Chou Kuang-Chi hosted the Honorary Retirement Party for an important officer yesterday. During the party, Commander Chou encouraged and showed appreciation to the retiring officer. Commander Chou commended the officer for his hard work as well as his dutiful attitude during his service period. With his retirement just around the corner, the officer is still standing fast and remains at his post, continuing to act as a leader to everyone and lead his unit in the completion of every mission. His outstanding performance is regarded as a role model for all military police officers. 

Commander Chou encouraged the retiring officers that even after they are retired, they must still uphold the “integrity of being loyal and steadfast,” be “fearless and pure,” and continue to support and encourage on-duty officers whilst serving as the solid backbone of the military police. Also, Commander Chou reminded retiring officers that they should properly arrange their retired life, spend more time with their family members as well as maintain a decent lifestyle and exercise habit so that they can start a new chapter in their life with a healthy body.

(The article is reproduced from Youth Daily News, Ministry of Defense)

1.指揮官主持重要幹部榮退歡送茶會 表彰優異表現

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Update: 2022-11-21