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Commander encouraged staff epidemic prevention practices for looking after our health.

By Hsiao Chia Yi, Reporter / Press Release

Yesterday, the commanding officer of the Military Police Command, Lt. Gen. Chou Kuang Chi, visited Northern Region Military Police Corps to express his condolences to the officers and soldiers who are supporting the epidemic prevention mission, encouraging them to uphold the spirit of "Feel responsible for the welfare of the people." and to devote themselves to the epidemic prevention duty to look after people’s health.

Commander Chou said that epidemic prevention is like warfare. Regarding the pandemic is on the rise recently, support for epidemic prevention mission officers and soldiers should be courageous to commitment, uphold the spirit of "The army and the people are one family," work hard, and carry out self-health management, comply with various epidemic prevention measures and discipline, so as to maximize the effectiveness of personal duty. 

Finally, Commander Chou expressed his gratitude to the officers and soldiers for their dedication to the epidemic prevention mission in addition to their training, and reminded the staff and officers to pay attention to their own safety, remind each other to take care of each other and do their best for the epidemic prevention duty.

 (The article is originally from Youth Daily News.)

5.指揮官慰勉支援防疫任務人員 肯定守護國人健康

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Update: 2022-05-10