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Commander hosts an event to honor model mothers

By Huang Hsin Yao, Reporter / Press Release

Yesterday, the commanding officer of the Military Police Command, Lt. Gen. Chou Kuang Chi host an event to honor model mothers and made a visit to the house of Chuang Yu Chen and Chiang Li Ching to express sincere congratulations. He praised them for the epitome of frugal living, being enthusiastic about charity, and encouraging children to serve the country by joining the military.

Commander Chou said that mothers are the most important spiritual support for their children when growing up. Mothers give an example by showing the great sentiment of "filial piety," hence, they create a sense of responsibility and honor in their children's military careers to work hard for their troops and sacrifice for their country.

Finally, Commander Chou emphasized that the children of the two mothers are both important cadres in their units, which shows the success of their education, and he wished them a happy Mother's Day by dedicating awards to them.

 (The article is originally from Youth Daily News.)

4.指揮官主持表揚模範母親活動 弘揚懿德典範

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Update: 2022-05-10