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Commander inspected Lam Si Po Shooting Rang, eliminated training risk factors.

By Huang Hsin Yao, Reporter / Press Release

Yesterday, the commanding officer of the Military Police Command, Lt. Gen. Chou Kuang Chi, inspected Lam Si Po Shooting Range. He pointed out that the range is an independent camp and that the management personnel should be carefully selected to assist in the control of shooting and access. This way, it can eliminate training risk factors.

The Commander pointed out that Lam Si Po Shooting Range is one of the main training grounds for the troops in the northern region, and all units should make proper use of it to make the officers and soldiers familiar with all kinds of weapons shooting and strengthen the training skills of urban warfare, so as to continuously strengthen the combat capability and further enhance the overall combat power of the military police. The Commander Chou stressed that only hardworking training can build a solid backup force for national security; in addition, he also reminded the units to carry out pandemic prevention duty by wearing masks throughout the training and keeping a safe distance.

 (The article is originally from Youth Daily News.)

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Update: 2022-05-10