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Commander organized an advanced meeting to strengthen pandemic prevention and reduce the risk of COVID-19.

By Ku Ke Chieh, Reporter / Press Release

The commanding officer of the Military Police Command, Lt. Gen. Chou Kuang Chi, visited the Northern Region Military Police Corps yesterday and organized an advanced meeting to strengthen the pandemic prevention by listening to the briefings, inspecting the real situations and giving guidance on the current practices. Senior cadres of the regional command are required to be stationed in the camp to supervise the execution of the unit's pandemic prevention duty round the clock in order to enhance the effectiveness.

The commanding officer Chou pointed out that the unit should complete the planning of residential space adjustment to reduce the density of personnel in the camp, assign one to be responsible for the cleaning and sterilization for all areas, and carry out the spatial-temporal traffic flow control. In addition, he also mentioned that the officers and soldiers should visit the hospitals immediately when any respiratory symptoms occur. Medical professionals provide test and diagnosis to ensure the health of staff. 

Finally, Commander Chou reminded the officers and soldiers to reduce the risk of exposure to the public by going out less on leave, and to wear masks throughout the day if necessary to eliminate the risk of infection and maintain the force's combat capability.

 (The article is originally from Youth Daily News.)

1.指揮官主持強化防疫精進研討會 杜絕染疫風險

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Update: 2022-05-10