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Commander Inspected Disease Prevention Preparations, Requesting All to Conduct Self Health Management

Reported By: LI, Tian-Yu/ Summary Report

Military Police Command Commander Lieutenant-General Huang, Chin-Tsai went over to the Taitung Military Police yesterday to inspect disease prevention preparations and to conduct New Year Visitation, encouraging soldiers to maintain military discipline in order to safeguard the honor of the military police.

Commander Huang first reminded all soldiers to be proud of their role as military police, and that one shall never intentionally violate the law while also be aware of the words spoken and the actions taken. Additionally, the unit shall exercise the principle of “designated duty for personnel, designated position for objects, and designated rules for matters.” As a soldier, one shall not only duly fulfill the role that is assigned to him/her, but should also demonstrate love and care for his/her colleagues, thereby maintaining the cohesive of the unit as a whole.

Commander Huang stressed that disease prevention tasks are the most crucial tasks in recent times, in which he demands all soldiers to enhance their own health management, to avoid being in public or crowded places, and to adopt personal protection behavior, thereby ensuring the combat strength of the team. Lastly, Commander Huang reminded the colleagues that all should properly conduct financial management, requesting officers at all levels to adequately utilize the organization in order to have a solid grasp of the psychological conditions of the colleagues, which ultimately shall assure the military discipline security of the unit.

(This article is adopted from Youth Daily of the Military of National Defense)

3.指揮官視導防疫整備 要求自主健康管理

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Update: 2021-02-04