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Commander Requested Strict Adherence to Military Discipline, Jointly Maintaining Military Honor

Reported By: LI, Tian-Yu/ Summary Report

Military Police Command Commander Lieutenant-General Huang, Chin-Tsai, accompanied by Director of Political Warfare Major General Yu, Command 205 Commander Colonel Wen as well as other officers, paid a visit to the units on the northern region while also hosted a military discipline seminar. Besides showing concern for the soldiers’ living conditions and their training status, Commander Huang demanded subordinates to strictly abide by all military discipline demands, thereby maintaining the honor of the unit.

Commander Huang also indicated that all solders must accurately execute combat training missions, to strength skillsets in all areas, thus being able to ensure the safety of the region. Additionally, all officers shall lead by example, be the first and lead the soldiers in the execution of educational training. At the same time, officers shall ensure the rights of the soldiers and assure that their daily living is taken care of. Furthermore, channels such as counseling services should be offered to be subordinates to teach them how to properly use military resources, to attain certificates, to develop personal skillsets, to use their off time to pursue higher education, ultimately achieving lifelong learning, which in turn effectively elevates their individual core values.

Commander Huang stressed that there are no room for mistakes in performing military discipline/security, and therefore all officers must shoulder the responsibility of educating his/her subordinates to keep the principles of military discipline at heart. Also, officers should conduct advocacy continuously through cases studies and policy instruction, expecting all to achieve the goal of “personal safety, property safety, and zero risk to safety,” thereby ensuring the safety of the team and the honor of the military police.

(This article is adopted from Youth Daily of the Military of National Defense)

2. 指揮官要求恪遵軍紀 維護榮譽

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Update: 2021-02-04