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Military Police Command Celebrated its 89th Anniversary, Passing Down Excellent Military Tradition of Loyalty

Reported by HUANG, Ti-Ming / in Taipei

The Military Police Command held the “89th Anniversary Celebration Event” yesterday, with demonstrations from the Military Police Rapid Response Company, Forensic Science Center, sniffer dog teams, CM33/34 Taiwan Infantry Fighting Vehicles and other innovative energies, proudly displaying the combat strength of the Military Police in guarding the central authority and maintaining the safety of the society.

Military Police Command Celebration planned “Military Police Historical Relic Museum Unveiling,” “Equipment Display,” “Celebratory Event,” and “Combat Strength Showcase,” all of which are personally hosted by Commander Huang, inviting past commanders, supervisors, colleagues and alumni to all join in on the celebration.

Military Police Historical Relic Museum Ribbon Cutting & Unveiling Ceremony

The event started with the Military Police Historical Relic Museum Ribbon Cutting & Unveiling Ceremony,” putting on display a plethora of cherished historical relics, historical data and historical development originating from the establishment of Military Police. Commander Huang was also invited to participate in the VIP tour and listen in on the exposition provided by the professional tour guide, allowing MPs of the past and present to reminiscent on the old times serving in the military.

In the “Celebratory Event,” Commander Huang commended the chairman of the MP Reserve Her-Song Union, officers with excellent performances, as well as outstanding alumni, giving thanks to MPs of the past and present for their devotion and their effort in passing down the tradition of “Loyalty.”

“Combat Strength Showcase” is executed with marching formation, where Commander Huang inspected the Rapid Response Rapid Response Company, Forensic Science Center, sniffer dog teams, CM33/34 Taiwan Infantry Fighting Vehicles, etc. Afterwards, the Rapid Response Company demonstrated Freestyle Heavy Machinery Practice, Military Police Training Center Combat Techniques Practice, and Sniffer Dog Comprehensive Practice, showcasing solid combat strength, proving that MPs plays a crucial role in protecting the central authority and maintaining the safety of the society.

Commander Huang indicated that MPs shall prioritize four major work focuses, which are: “Advocacy of Health & Leisure, Taking Care of Soldiers with Devotion,” “Fostering a Warm Atmosphere, Establishing Meaningful Interactions and Care,” “Persist in Continuous Learning, Complete Promotion Development,” and “Consistency in Combat Training, Creating Honorable History.”

Unifying the Team, Showing True Concern

Commander Huang demanded officers at all levels to demonstrate a little more concern and care towards his/her subordinates, thus allowing soldiers to truly feel their attentiveness and the practical changes within the teams, thereby unifying the team. Also, officers shall increase recruitment and elevate retention willingness so that MP team is able to retain talents long-term, thus enabling the unit to grow steadily. Additionally, the military police shall continue to maintain its excellent practices, upholding the duty of “Governess of the Public, Master to the Military,” while defending the security of the central authority, thus becoming the most loyal unit of all. 

(This article is adopted from Youth Daily)  

憲指部慶89周年 傳承忠貞軍風

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