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Commander Visited Hualien Military Police, Implementing New Year Visitations

Reported By: LI, Tian-Yu / Summary Report

Military Police Command Commander Lieutenant Huang, Chin-Tsai, along with Director of Political Warfare Major General Yu, went over to Hualien Military Police yesterday to perform New Year Visitation, while at the same time encouraged all soldiers to jointly uphold the military discipline of the unit, thereby formulating an honorable moral and common practices.

Commander Huang encouraged soldiers to maintain the core values of the military police, reminding all soldiers that they must always be aware of the words spoken and the actions taken, to properly fulfill the duty of being a police officer of military law. In regards to the behaviors which violate the law or discipline, Commander Huang reminds all that no one should try that for themselves.

Commander Huang encouraged all officers to possess the notion of “stepping into all matters.” In other words, as an officer, one should proactively listen, inquire, show concern, or even nag while properly utilizing the organization to gain a thorough grasp of the psychological mindset of subordinates. Lastly, Commander Huang reminded all soldiers to fully realize the three basic physical fitness trainings, to maintain a healthy body while establishing common practices of exercise, thereby elevating the combat strength and the cohesiveness of the team, which in turn fosters a sense of comradery between the soldiers, ultimately instilling solid strength for the team.

(This article is adopted from Youth Daily)

2.指揮官赴花蓮憲兵隊 實施春節慰問

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