Military Police Command

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Military Police Training Center

Military Police Training Center

■ Tasks

 Education is long-term operation and the root for army building and combat preparation. In view of that, the personnel and officers in our Center are all proactively engaging in educational affairs and promoting all kinds of operations according to the philosophy of “institutionalization, communitization, family-oriented and park-oriented” in an active and immediate manner.

■ Introduction to Units

 Military Police Training Center is equipped with General Administrative Affairs Department, Practice&Training Department, General Affair Department, Accounting Department and Teaching&Research Group.

  •  General Administrative Affairs Department: take charge of political combat, welfare, political education, political training ,psychological tactics, statement, recreation, news, supervision, safeguard of military polices, dependents’ services as well as other relevant businesses to cultivate soldiers with democratic and constitution administration quality.
  •  Practice&Training Department: take charge of printing, sending out, teaching materials of all curricula, inspection requirements, educational supervision, professional license of students (personnel) during training, practical implementation, outstanding student appraisals when they are staying in our Center.
  •  General Affair Department: this department is majorly involved in promoting well-established, fair personnel institutions, active personnel services, dedicated personnel advice to effectively solve personnel-related problems and improve moral. Furthermore, we are also responsible for logistic notification and equipment servicing.
  •  Accounting Department: according to Military Budget Accounting System, the duties of Accounting Department are divided into five parts, namely, planning, budget, accounting, internal audit and management to effectively take advantage of expenses, promote saving for the convenience of reflecting all kinds of educational and administrative operations.