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Commander Encouraged Officers to Lead by Example, Execute Sequential Supervision

Reported By: LI, Tian-Yu / Summary Report

Military Police Command Commander Lieutenant-General Huang, Chin-Tsai, gathering up all chief officers and cabinet officers of all units at all levels, hosted the “Strengthen Ground-Level Objectives/Accurate Implementation of Risk Management and Work Instruction” video conference, relaying the instructions and demands of the Ministry of Defense towards Ground Level Work in real-time, emphasizing the notion of “Officers Decide All,” in which every officer shall lead by example, whereas in the occurrence of a problem, one shall be able to face it head on, dealing with it with courage and through a positive method. Commander Huang expected all officers to offer all-round care for his/her subordinates, thereby achieving the goal of “ensuring personal safety, guaranteeing personal rights.”

Commander Huang indicated that the tasks of the unit can be very complicated, therefore all officers at all levels are responsible for managing and educating his/her subordinates, therefore one shall accurately implement managerial functions which includes “Five Inspections Three Searches” and “Four Checkups Two Rollcalls.” Through “sequential supervision,” one shall understand the roadblocks and hardships of a subordinate, thereby allowing the officers to provide effective support, assisting the subordinates to absolve any issue collaboratively. Through comprehensive unit management, one is able to secure the solid combat strength. Commander Huang also stressed that all tasks of all units shall stipulate relevant work regulations, such as regulations on gender equality, inventory management, training instructions, and maintenance of technical orders, Of which, the key is “thorough implementation,” so that all tasks are supervised and all issues questioned. When encountering an issue, one shall administer a proper solution immediately and fully execute risk control, thereby preventing the occurrence of any incident, ensuring the safety of the unit.

In regards to the psychological mindsets of the soldiers, Commander Huang stressed that, because a person’s mood is constantly shifting and changing every moment, all colleagues must demonstrate concern for his/her peers. Moreover, all units must have designated personnel that have a good grasp of the mental state of all soldiers. At the same time, a close-knit online community shall be established through the organization to collective ensure the healthiness and mental stability of all personnel. Commander Huang emphasized that personal issues are a matter of security, therefore one shall always “make a mountain out of a molehill” in the occurrence of every minor incident, to treat every issue with caution, to provide an appropriate response in a timely manner, thereby ensure the normalcy and security are not disrupted.

Lastly, Commander Huang pointed out the focal point in regards to the fluidity of tasks implementation, which is to accurately perform each task with a correct and positive manner, not to solve an issue with scolding or punishment. In fact, one shall always uncover the root cause of any issue, to find the right antidote for the problem. Through the instruction coming from the top and assistance from the bottom, in which a subordinate would ask for help from his/her superior, where all colleagues duly perform his/her given responsibilities, basing on the premise of “three confidences,” collaboratively complete all missions and tasks, thereby achieving the goal of “personal safety, property safety, and zero harm to safety,” securing the overall combat strength of the unit.  

(This article is adopted from Youth Daily News)

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Update: 2020-05-19



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