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Commander Commended the Model Mother Ms. Liu, Ying-Hsueh

Reported By HSIAO, Chia-Yi / Summary Report

Military Police Command Commander Lieutenant-General Huang, Chin-Tsai, accompanied by Director of Political Welfare Major-General Yu and other officers, awarded Ms. Liu, Ying-Hsueh with a congratulatory plaque on behalf of Minister Yen, honoring her with the title of “Ministry of National Defense’s Model Mother” for her efforts in raising her children, for teaching loyalty and filial piety, as well as for her selfless devotion to charity work, all of which are undoubtedly excellent examples what all mothers should strive for.

Ms. Liu, Ying-Hsueh, the mother of Taoyuan Military Force Private First Class Liao, Ruo-Jun, has not only committed herself in charity work on a regular basis, crossed all obstacles to raise 5 children as a single parent, but has also encouraged her children to enter the military force, which clearly demonstrated her dedication and contribution to the nation as a whole, thereby making her absolutely deserving of the title of “Ministry of National Defense’s Model Mother”. The commander especially paid a visit to Ms. Liu’s residence yesterday on behalf of Mr. Yen, Teh-Fa, Minister of National Defense, awarding her with a congratulatory plaque and passing on laudatory messages from all other officers at all levels, as well as wishing her happy holidays.

Additionally, Commander Huang hosted the department’s “Mother’s Day Appreciation Event,” affirming all colleagues within the unit helming a mother’s role for her effort in juggling between managing a family and work. Especially for colleague who is pulling double duty both as an officer and as a mom, in times of emergency situations, it would not only be a test of her stress resistance ability, but also a test of her responsiveness. Therefore, much respect is given towards a mother for all the effort she poured in, as well as displaying such endurance in regards to immense pressure. Commander Huang also reminded all soldiers to take good care of themselves, to spend his/her off time with family members, and to enjoy the times they have together.

Lastly, Commander Huang encouraged all subordinates to continually elevate one’s personal skillsets, to adhere to the demands of laws and military discipline, as well as to set a goal for consistent improvement, advance one’s personal competitiveness, thereby contributing to the unit as a whole. In essence, the best method for rewarding a parent is through a display of superior performance and achievement, ensuring that their love and care for a child was not wasted.

(This article is adopted from Youth Daily News)


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Update: 2020-05-19



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