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Commander Encouraged Strict Adherence of Regulation for Gradual Accumulation of Combat Strength

Reported by HUANG, Di-Ming / Summary Report

Military Police Command Commander Lieutenant-General Huang, Chin-Tsai hosted the “Combat Training Preparations Video Conference for the Month of April” yesterday, aside from affirming the consistent effort demonstrated by the unit in its primary task of combat training, Commander Huang expected that through in-depth review and policy adjustment, all promotions of missions and tasks can be enhanced. Commander Huang emphasized that the key to the success of a combat force’s duty lies with “to do or not to do,” of which the commander encourages the subordinates with the remark: “Never find excuses for failures, always seek methods for success.” Commander Huang advices that one shall adopt a diverse set of methods, such as from internal to external and from software to hardware. One shall devote himself/herself to its operations through the aforementioned aspects, thereby creating the conditions of success. Also, one shall strictly abide by military discipline and fully execute all duties as scheduled, thereby accumulating the combat strength of the unit gradually.

Commander Huang indicated that although leadership is an art, but it must be realized through practical matters. During such process, a person in a leadership position must possess empathy, in which one should be able to put himself/herself in other’s shoes, and never to conduct verbal violence or emotional blackmail. Furthermore, one shall show concern for new recruits as well as colleagues which may have been given a different mission compared to the norm, to provide assistance in problem-solving, thereby helping them to relieve the pressure from adapting to the environment or from executing the mission. Commander Huang stressed that all officers shall establish a warm and comfortable work environment, noting that a simple “Hello” or “Are you OK?” may give another person the strength and support he/she desperately needs.

In regards to the demands of military discipline, Commander Huang especially noted that the causes for the offender’s violation of laws/regulations shall be fully investigated and discussed, as well as used as a warning for all soldiers, thereby allowing them to foster the habit of valuing the laws and discipline, in turn internalizing such habits as the standards for behavior and overall values, ultimately jointly inherit the honor and tradition of the military police. Also, there shall be no laxity in disease prevention work. Of which, the key to its success lies with “thorough execution” and “consistent execution,” so that the virus has no opportunity to infiltrate, thus ensuring the healthiness of all soldiers as well as the combat strength of the combat force.         

Commander Huang reminded that all units at all levels within this department deals with many legal/external matters, therefore all soldiers must act in accordance with the law, to strictly execute all missions and duties according to regulations and procedures, to solemnly abide by discipline in operation, thereby ensuring the smoothness of the mission. (Edited by Reporter Huang, Di-Ming)

(This article is adopted from Youth Daily News)

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Update: 2020-05-12



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