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Commander Encouraged Full Implementation of Practice, Solidifying Combat Strength

Reported by LI, Tian-Yu / Summary Report

Military Police Command Commander Lieutenant-General Huang, Chin-Tsai inspected the Civil Aviation Camp belonging to Military Police Infantry Fighting Battalion 239 yesterday, showing concern and care for the current status of the combat preparations training and the execution of disease prevention tasks, while at the same time affirming the diligence and hard work displayed by the soldiers in combat training.

Commander Huang indicated that all units bear the mission of protecting important targets; therefore, all soldiers shall have a thorough grasp of the combat mission and one’s given duties, to pragmatically perform practices on a regular basis, to accurately execute fitness training, weapons preparation and firing practices, weapons equipment maintenance as well as skills training, thereby enriching one’s abilities, gradually accumulating solid combat strength.

Commander Huang pointed out that all officers at all levels shall maintain a cautious and fearful mindset, to accurately implement all soldiers’ education in the aspects of character, lifestyle, military discipline and law. Commander Huang stated that all officers shall start with pragmatically conduct internal management and leadership function, thereby establishing a high level of self-discipline and coherence in his/her subordinates, which ultimately fosters a soldier with confidence and a sense of honor, one who is also proud of being a military police so that the maintenance of the unit’s honor can be achieved collectively.       

Lastly, Commander Huang emphasized that since the COVID-19 pandemic (Coronavirus) has yet to die down, all colleagues shall “treat the matter with cautiousness” and never to take it lightly. Therefore, one must abide by the notion of “endure the inconveniences of one to ensure the safety of many” starting with oneself. All soldiers must conduct all disease prevention measures to the best of one’s ability, thus ensuring the health of the citizens while securing the combat strength of the unit. (This article is adopted from Youth Daily News)

2.指揮官勉落實演練 堅實戰力

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Update: 2020-05-12



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