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Commander Met Newly-Appointed Supervisors and Officers, Encouraging All to Lead by Example, Maintain Continuous Improvement

Reported by CHEN, Chun-Chun / Summary Report

Military Police Command Commander Lieutenant-General Huang, Chin-Tsai, accompanied by Major Sergeant Chiu, met up with newly-appointed supervisors and other major sergeants, stressing that leadership skill is crucial to the quality of the unit’s combat strength. Also, since soldiers follow their officers, a leader must therefore lead by example, guiding his/her subordinates to jointly complete combat training missions, thereby establishing solid combat strength.

Commander Huang indicated that for an officer, the new-appointed position shall be perceived as a new challenge and opportunity, of which one should learn from experiences of his/her predecessors, improve upon what has already been established, elevate oneself from each mission, thereby gradually accumulate personal experience and broaden one’s own vision, ultimately carrying his/her subordinates to evolve with the changing times, as well as to continuously progress.

Commander Huang emphasized that only through proper planning of the unit’s goal as well as fully authorize and utilize the organization, can coherence of the unit can be achieved. Additionally, one shall adequately develop soldiers’ professional skillsets, gradually elevate solders’ sense of accomplishment and honor to enable mission goals to be accomplished collaboratively.   

(This article is adopted from Youth Daily News)

5.指揮官約見新任主官、管 勉以身作則持恆進步

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