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Commander Inspected Work from Home Preparations

Reported by HUANG, Di-Ming / Summary Report

Military Police Command Commander Lieutenant-General Huang, Chin-Tsai, accompanied by Chief of Staff Major-General Chen and other officers, inspected the preparation and practice of “work from home” in Zhongzhen Barracks yesterday, stressing that because the pandemic has not yet subsided, all units must exercise prevention measures such as division of work, separation of work time, partition of work areas as stipulated by Ministry of National Defense, ROC, thereby preventing the invasion of the virus from entering the barracks. Furthermore, depending on the environmental changes, implementation of measures shall be seamlessly transitioned into the execution of supportive mechanisms, thus ensuring the combat strength of the units.

Commander Huang emphasized that performing live practices allows all units to verify the feasibility of the preventive measure and discover its imperfections so that appropriate adjustments can be made in a timely manner, thus ensuring the measure’s appropriateness and applicability. Focus shall be placed on ensuring the normal operation of C4ISR system, thereby guaranteeing the combat strength so that missions can be executed accordingly.

As far as offsite work areas, Commander Huang reminded all units that living and working spaces shall be properly assigned and staff entry/exit strictly controlled, with properly management by the authority unit. Also, body temperature measurement and disinfection measures shall be duly implemented to achieve the purpose of lowering infection and disperse associated risk, satisfying the demand for staff care and disease prevention.  (This article is adopted from Youth Daily News)


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Update: 2020-03-25



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