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Commander Encouraged Subordinates to Maintain Military Honor

Reported By: HSIAO, Chia-Yi / Summary Report

Military Police Command Commander Lieutenant-General Huang, Chin-Tsai, accompanied by Director of Political Welfare Major-General Yu and other officers, inspected Antai Barracks yesterday to not only encourage and affirm the hard work demonstrated by the soldiers in the execution of missions, but to also remind all soldiers to duly perform the assigned position and duties. Commander emphasized that all soldiers shall have a thorough understanding of his/her role and obligations, fully realize educational training, strengthen response times to emergencies situations, thereby ensuring the completeness of all services.

Commander Huang indicated that because of the specificity of the unit as well as the mission uniqueness, all soldiers must be more aware of the words spoken and the actions taken, and shall duly maintain the discipline of confidentiality, strictly adhere to military regulations, never allowing any incidents of violations of laws to occur, to inherit the honorable tradition, thereby ensuring the excellent image and military honor of the military police.

Additionally, in view of the recent pandemic which has not subsided, Commander Huang further stressed that, since military strength is concerned with national security and public safety, all soldiers must fully implement disease prevention measures without any hesitation or laxity, which will establish a secure line of defense to prevent the invasion of the virus.                 

(This article is adopted from Youth Daily News)


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Update: 2020-03-25



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