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Commander Inspected the Grassroots Soldiers of Penghu, Affirming Training Effectiveness

Reported By FU, Chi-Chen / Summary Report

Military Police Command Commander Lieutenant-General Huang, Chin-Tsai inspected the disease prevention measures and the living quarters of Penghu Military Police Force, affirming the training effective of the unit and the efforts poured in by all soldiers.

Commander Huang indicated that all soldiers shall pride themselves as being a military police officer, in which they shall be meticulous when communicating, treasure one’s own body, abide by all laws and regulations so that they can cherish the valuable employment opportunity. Commander Huang also encouraged all soldiers to pursue lifelong learning during their spare time, to acquire degrees and certificates, thereby elevating self competitiveness. Commander expected all soldiers to become the force of continuous improvement for the unit.

“Treat Disease Prevention as Combat!” is the phrase from Commander Huang when he stressed that disease prevention is a major task in recent times. Since it is also imperative to maintaining the combat strength of the unit, one shall uphold the attitude of “never underestimate your enemy” in dedicating oneself to prevent all diseases from entering the battalion, thereby ensuring the health of all soldiers as well as to maintain the overall combat strength.


(This article is adopted from Youth Daily News)

2.指揮官視導澎湖基層 肯定訓練成效 

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Update: 2020-03-25



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