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Commander Reminded All to Collaboratively Execute Disease Prevention Measures, Maintaining the Combat Strength

Reported by CHEN, Chun-Chun

Military Police Command Commander Lieutenant-General Huang, Chin-Tsai visited the Military Police Battalion 211 for understanding the current execution of disease prevention measure, the living conditions of soldiers, and the training situation. While providing instruction for various tasks, Commander Huang stressed that all units not only shoulders the crucial responsibility of maintaining the security of the Office of the President, but shall also satisfy the demands of treating “disease prevention measures is equivalent of combat,” adhering to the policy instruction of “separation of functions and division of tasks” to achieve “working offsite,” properly devise and fully implement all disease prevention measures to avoid the spread of the epidemic, thereby maintaining the combat strength of the unit and completion of all services.

During instruction, Commander Huang reminded to all officers that a successful leader must possess the attitude of “follow me” and not “go do it,” that a true leader will lead by example, jointly completing the missions alongside the soldiers, as well as properly utilize the strength of the organization, thereby obtaining a true understanding of each soldier, satisfying military discipline demands, and successfully performing psychological guidance.

Commander Huang stressed that in view of the severity of COVID-19, all soldiers must not show any sign of neglect in performing disease prevention measures. During execution of disease prevention measures, one shall not take a backseat in regards to combat preparations. In essence, both duties must be performed simultaneously, and shall be properly planned and fully implemented, thereby maintaining the healthiness of all soldiers and securing the combat strength of the unit. 

(This article is adopted from Youth Daily News)

2.指揮官囑齊心防疫 維戰力 

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Update: 2020-03-13



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