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Commander Met with Newly-Appointed Officers, Encourages Total Devotion from the Officers

Reported By: HUANG, Yu-Hsiu / Summary Report

Military Police Command Commander Lieutenant-General Huang, Chin-Tsai met up with the newly appointed officers the other day to encourage him/her to fully devote himself/herself in the position that is given to him/her, to acquire an understanding of all personnel and situations, and to lead by example, leading the subordinates to face all challenges, jointly achieving satisfactory completion of each mission.

Commander Huang indicated that the experiences which come with each interlaced position aids in the broadening of one’s view. Therefore, one shall be bold in attempting work that is completely different in nature and in another field, to jump out of one’s comfort zone and not be in a field that one is already used to. In essence, one shall grasp the opportunity to welcome the challenges the position brings. Also, after understanding the features of the missions of the unit and personnel situations, one shall have attained a new idea to gradually elevate personnel competencies through consistent educational training, thereby advancing the combat strength of the unit, ultimately allowing the unit to keep up with the changing times.

At the same time, commander Huang also encouraged colleagues to continually pursue further learning, to elevate one’s own character and competitiveness, to give back to the unit through what one has learned and to lead the unit to continuously improve. Also, as an officer one shall proactively demonstrated concern to his/her subordinates, assisting in problem solving the issues of the soldiers, display more encouragement and less berating, thereby assisting the cohesiveness of the unit, raise morale, allowing the soldiers to fully devote to combat training without a worry in the world. (This article is adopted from Youth Daily News)

6.指揮官約見新職幹部 勉用心投入

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Update: 2020-03-10



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