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Commander Hosted Military Discipline Safety Education for the Holidays

Reported By: LI, Tian-Yu / Summary Report

Military Police Command Commander Lieutenant-General Huang, Chin-Tsai went over to the Jianzhen and Anping Battalion yesterday separately to host the “228 Holiday Military Discipline Safety Promotion and Disease Prevention Measures Instruction,” stressing that military police is the example of all three military forces, therefore each soldier must not only be proud of being an officer, but should always be aware of the one’s actions and words spoken, duly fulfill one’s duties, jointly maintain the excellent military tradition and combat strength of the military police.

After analyzing numerous cases involving military discipline, it has indicated that holiday season to have the highest occurrence of such cases. Therefore, commander Huang takes these cases to remind all soldiers that there is no off time in abiding by military discipline. Especially when one is a soldier that is serving the people and protecting the country, one shall more than ever adhere to the laws and regulations, thereby demonstrating the strictness of military discipline, acting the key role of safeguarding the nation.

Also, commander Huang affirmed the effort and hard work demonstrated by the unit in its consistency in conducting combat training, emphasizing that training shall always be performed with security as the core. Through training arrangements, professional supervision and goal management, it is expected to minimize any shortcomings, and thereby fully realize training effectiveness, securing the combat strength of the unit.

Lastly, due to spread of the Coronavirus, commander Huang once again reminded all colleagues to never slack off on all execution of disease prevention measures, in which one must one must adhere to the notion of “disease prevention is the same as actual combat,” thoroughly conduct body temperature measurement, disinfection of the environment and proper health management. During holidays, one shall never be in a crowded area or be in an enclosed space, thereby preventing the chance of becoming a risk and burden in the execution of disease prevention measures, jointly work towards disease prevention, thereby securing the combat strength of the unit and sanitation safety of the environment.    

 (This article is adopted from Youth Daily News)


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Update: 2020-03-10



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