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Commander Confers with Newly Appointed Officers

Reported by Li, Tien-Yu / Summary Report

Military Police Command Commander Lieutenant General Huang Chin-Tsai went over to Chien Chen Battalion to host the “Reserve Officers 39th Class and Officer Two-Year Junior College Program 13th Class Conferment and Graduation Ceremony,” handing over the official title for each new officer, praising the soldiers that have demonstrated excellence in performance, encouraging the continuous of improvement of personal skills, elevation of one’s own competitiveness, leading the members within the unit in the thorough execution and completion of all combat training missions, jointly establishing superior combat strength.

Commander Huang indicated that the promotion of officers is not merely an honor, but an increase of responsibilities; therefore he encourages all officers to set an example in leading his/her subordinates, fully demonstrating the functions of his/her role, collaboratively assist the units in the implementation and completion of the missions. Moreover, he places emphasis once again back to the unit services, stressing that it is not the end of learning, that one should continuously improve one’s own professional skillsets, constantly elevate one’s own leadership ability, thereby gradually accumulating work experience, becoming a competent leader of the military police.             

(This article is adopted from Youth Daily News)




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