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Commander Hosts the Handover Ceremony for the Newly Appointed Officer

Reported by Hsiao, Chia-Yi / Summary Report

Military Police Command Commander Lieutenant General Huang Chin-Tsai hosted two separate handover ceremonies for Barracks 203 and 205 regarding the commander position. Aside from commending the effort demonstrated by the previous officers during their service as well as their display of leadership ability in the successful completion of every mission, he further encourages the newly appointed commanders to spare no effort in striving towards higher excellence with the solid foundation they have inherited.

Commander Huang indicated that the newly appointed commanders, Colonel Chang of Barracks 203 and Colonel Wen of Barracks 205 have both gained valuable experience in the past from various units such as the Military Police Force and the Armed Forces Battalion, therefore he expects them to establish solid combat teams with strong combat strength by leading every unit with experienced leadership and devoted management.

Commander Huang emphasized that all officers should continuously improve his/her personal skillsets, leading the soldiers at work, taking care of his/her subordinates in daily living, place oneself in the shoes of his/her subordinates to assist them in solving every issue, thereby achieving an elevation of coherence and morale, which allows all units to act in unison, jointly protect the honor and maintain the combat strength of the military police.

(This article is adopted from Youth Daily News)


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Update: 2019-11-04



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