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Commander Encouraged the Soldiers to Train Hard, Accumulating Combat Strength

Reported By: Hsiao, Chia-Yi   / Summary Report

Military Police Command Commander Huang Chin-Tsai visited 239 Battalion 3rd Company, showing concerns for the living environment of the soldiers while gaining an understanding of the unit’s mission status. In addition to affirming and appreciating the hard work of the soldiers, Commander Huang put forth the demand of “training for combat” to all soldiers, demanding all to fully realize training tasks, thereby accumulating solid combat strength with sound training results.

Commander Huang addressed that all officers, in addition to caring for the living standards of his/her subordinates, officers shall also have a solid understanding of subordinates’ psychological conditions. Additionally, officers shall also be aware of any movements in or outside of the barracks, eliminating factors that may pose harm to safety and security. Lastly, an officer shall also persist in requesting subordinates to strictly abide by all regulations, achieving the goal of: “Personal Safety Secured, Property Secured, Zero Harm,” jointly maintain the combat strength of the unit while upholding of the honor of the military police.      

(This article is adopted from Youth Daily News)

5指揮官勉官兵扎實訓練 累積戰力1

扎實訓練 累積戰力2


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