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Commander Huang Paid a Visit to the Forensics Center, Encouraging the Strengthening of Professional Skillsets

Reported by Chen, Chun-Chun / Summary Report

Military Police Command Commander Huang Chin-Tsai paid a visit to the Forensics Science Center and the History Museum of Military Police, encouraging the soldiers to continuously improve his/her professional skills, jointly nurture professional talents, working as one in case investigations and crime solving, thereby maintaining the public safety and national security, demonstrating the allegiance to the nation of the military police.    

While visiting the History Museum of Military Police, Commander Huang encouraged the soldiers to never forget the accomplishments of those that came before them, as well as to always remember the glorious history and honor they consummated. Finally, Commander Huang reminded the soldiers to be conscientious and attentive to the position each one holds, to inherit the excellent military ethos of loyalty, working as a unit to create a solid force with sound combat strength.   

During his visit to the Forensic Science Center, Commander Huang noted that whether it is performing forensic analysis for evidence in a case or for non-traditional threats such as terrorist attacks or poisonous chemicals, all of which should adopt the usage of the latest technology, elevating the power of digital forensics to satisfy the mission requirements of the military law. Additionally, Commander Huang encouraged all soldiers to maintain a thirst for knowledge and to incessantly improve one’s skills while prioritizing the nurturing of talents. It is hoped that the investigation capabilities can be enriched through diverse exchanges, ultimately allowing such improvement to serve as professional support for military missions.    

(This article is adopted from Youth Daily News)

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