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The Commander Affirmed the Hardship of Grass-rooted Officers and Soldiers and Urged the In-depth Education of Wushu Morality

Reporter Wu Ti/ press release

 MP Commander and Lieutenant General Huang, Chin-Tsai, accompanied by Director of Political War Department and Major General Yu, Sergeant and Supervisor Chiu and other important cadres to supervised Command 202 and the subordinate troops. He hoped to encourage the cadre to implement the spirit, the moral character and the martial arts moral education, in order to build up the sense of honor and responsibility of officers and soldiers as well as prevent the occurrence of violation of military disciplines.

 Commander Huang first affirmed the hard work of officers and soldiers in carrying out tasks, and urged the troops at all levels to implement normal training in order to improve their vocational ability. In addition, cadres should carefully manage the army, make good use of the organizational system, hold the “follow me” spirit, take the lead among officers and soldiers, in order to put the team together.

 Commander Huang also stressed that MP was the model of national officers and soldiers. Therefore, MP should more strictly observe military disciplines and camp rules. Established officers and soldiers’ sense of honor and responsibility through the implementation of the officers and soldiers’ spirit, moral character and martial arts moral education, so that officers and soldiers were unwilling to, dare not “ to do something bad ” and prevent the occurrence of violation of military disciplines. (This article is reprinted from Youth Daily, Ministry of National Defense)

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Update: 2019-08-26



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