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The Commander Took Office and Urged the Law Compliance and Pragmatism

Reporter Fu, Chi-Chen/ press release

 MP Commander and Lieutenant General Huang, Chin-Tsai took office yesterday. He urged his cadres to properly fulfill the duties, spare no efforts to enhance their overall combat capability. He also stressed that the MP had the status of judicial police and the model for the officers and men of the three armed forces, so that they especially need to comply with the law and be pragmatic, thereby jointly safeguarding the honor and glory of MP.

 Commander Huang expressed that “Combat power is not just words but should be put into action”. This vocational education could come from solid training, but only with competence, officers and soldiers could hold their own and overcome all challenges. In addition, he expected cadres to uphold the concept of “follow me”, take the lead, hands-on, especially for the risk concerns and never pass them to others, to maintain the overall security of the army.

 Huang pointed out that cadres should give up the bureaucracy, serve the officers and soldiers, and stand with the officers and soldiers. He also stressed that cadres at all levels should take good care of their duties, encourage lifelong learning, properly plan their career, create a pleasant working environment, and improve the effectiveness of camp retention and recruitment, so as to gradually accumulate combat capabilities of the troop. (This article is reprinted from Youth Daily, Ministry of National Defense)

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Update: 2019-08-26



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