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The Commander Urged the Cadres to Know and Understand the Soldiers to Consolidate Combat Power

Reporter Chen, Chun-Chun/ press release

 MP Commander and Lieutenant General Chung, Shu-Ming presided over “July Counseling Cognition Review Meeting” yesterday. He called together key cadres of the Command, cadres from regional commands and chief officials (management) of directly affiliated units to attend the meeting, hoping to encourage the cadres to use organizations to grasp the situation of officers and soldiers, extend their reaches in various ways, effectively foresee risks, and manage, control and adapt, so as to maintain the security of the army and consolidate the combat force.

 Commander Chung said officers of all units should take the initiative to pay attention to the situation of officers and soldiers, keep abreast of the operational situation of the troops, identify obstacles, figure out solutions, and deal with difficulties in a pragmatic and efficient manner so that officers and soldiers could focus on the training work.

 Commander Chung stressed that cadres at all levels should respect their own responsibilities, use the organization to grasp the situation, achieve the purpose of setting up posts and share responsibilities. In addition, they should do a good job in communicating with officials and soldiers and their families to establish a good interactive relationship so as to eliminate risk concerns and ensure the combat capability of the troops. (This article is reprinted from Youth Daily, Ministry of National Defense)

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Update: 2019-08-26



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