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The Commander Told the Officers and Soldiers to Abide by the Military Laws and Respect the Disciplines to Maintain a Solid Combat Force

Reporter Chen, Chun-Chun/ press release

 MP Commander and Lieutenant General Chung, Shu-Ming stressed at the July Combat Readiness Conference and Recruitment Camp Work Observation presided over by him yesterday that MP unit inherited the fine tradition of being a judicial policeman and a model of the Army. It was necessary to educate the officers and soldiers on weekdays to put the sense of responsibility and honor in the first place. MPs should be proud of being an MP, abide by the law and discipline, respect honor, dare not and would not “violate military discipline” from our hearts, so that the unit could make steady progress and ensure its purity and strength.

 In view of the recruitment and detention work, Commander Chung stressed that each unit should review the appropriate control center, select professional career planning personnel, guide officers and soldiers to develop and provide vision consultation, so that officers and soldiers could clearly understand the military career planning and vision, and could persevere in strengthening their own learning ability and long-term employment, so as to effectively enhance recruitment and retention and the combat power of grass-roots. (This article is reprinted from Youth Daily, Ministry of National Defense)

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Update: 2019-08-26



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